POLICE TRANSFORMATION: Expectations For Leaders


PART 8 of 10

Last week I noted the first part of a memorandum in which I, as the chief, introduced my vision to members of my department.

Today’s excerpt is about the expectations I had of department leaders:

            “I am frequently asked, What are your expectations? Right now we all should be moving towards gaining the skills and trying to practice the principles; any reasonable progress is acceptable, but behavior that indicates unwillingness or blocking is not. Our employees should see a difference. You should:

  • Be a champion for Quality Leadership – take ownership of the Quality Leadership philosophy and style.
  • Be developing and nurturing your employees – to coach, teach and enable them to be quality leaders or employees.
  • Be a role-model — a visible, active, energetic and positive leader by word and deed – to practice what we are preaching.
  • Be able to begin to demonstrate to your leader, and your employees, with data, your success in meeting the above expectations. You should be able to effectively answer your leader’s question, “How will I know when you are a quality leader?”

 “The following materials in this workbook are an attempt to provide you with a better understanding of Quality Leadership and quality improvement; the values and philosophies which surround them, the methods and tools used to facilitate these concepts, a look at current methods of policing, and the collective experiences of our department.”[i]

Leadership matters. Leaders are the major actors in a successful organizational transformation. Employees watch their leaders – what they do and what they don’t do!

The next blog will be: “Police Transformation: Quality Leadership – Then and Now.”



[i] David C. Couper, and Sabine Lobitz. The Quality Leadership Workbook; Quality Improvement Methods for Police Agencies. Madison, Wisc: Madison Police Department. 1993.


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