The New Quality Leadership Workbook For Police


Available TODAY!

Be the first get a new and updated copy of the workbook that transformed a police department at a special introductory offer – 30% off the list price.

This new and revised workbook will help you learn how to:

•Identify core values.

•Develop a bold vision.

•Work effectively in a team.

•Lead organizational change.

•Measure success.

•Sustain improvements.

•Become a better leader.

•Know what to do and when to do it.

If you have been following this blog you know that Sabine Lobitz and I first developed this workbook as a teaching format for leaders in my department during a time of major transformation.

Later on, I used the workbook to teach transformational leadership skills to police throughout the country under the auspices of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

The skills described in this workbook continue to be vitally necessary for today’s and tomorrow’s police leaders. In it, Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson draws parallels between today’s Leadership in Police Organizations and Quality Leadership.

It is a MUST for today’s forward-thinking police leaders!

THE NEW QUALITY LEADERSHIP WORKBOOK FOR POLICE: Improvement and Leadership Methods (List Price: $19.95).

The Workbook will be available on line at the eBook store. And a 30% discount is available for those of you who purchase the workbook between now and June 7th.

When you click on “eBook store” (above) use the code: B28BHNR4 for your discount.

And, in the meantime, lead like a champion and remember quality leaders grow quality cops!


  1. Received my book yesterday. first reaction is that it’s old wine in a new bottle so to speak. The vintage wine ” the Principles of Quality Leadership” are timeless and enduring so its very good. Don’t get me wrong, I think the lessons learned in Madison’s community policing experience are still special, but there’s a time warp from the late 80’s to now on how the department has advanced the concept in the community. Fundamentally many of the principles, like recognizing employees for the value added services or work they perform vs blaming or pointing out their faults is still valid today, (at least for some of us) But, the quality card we used in the 80’s has now been replaced with a desktop icon called performance recognition where any employee can compliment the actions of another employee. While technology has changed, the fundamental principles of how we treat others, including those we lead and citizens we serve, has not. Thank you for sharing these experiences once again. My hope is that a new generation of police leaders, perhaps unfamiliar with these concepts, will read the workbook and understand the key concepts of what it takes to be a successful leader in their organization and communities.


  2. The art and science of leadership as seen through fly fishing.

    I often use fly fishing props and fly fishing as a way to get my point across about the art and science of leadership. What do Quality Leadership and Fly fishing have in common? They are both an art and a science. For fly fishing, the art comes in gaining the proper equipment, smaller vs. larger flies, when to use longer leaders and finer tippets, and learning the right techniques in the delivery. But of course we know that’s not enough. The science is knowing about fish habitat, what fish want to eat and what is the best way (dry fly, emergers, nymph or streamer) to attract the fish. And of course the learning about flies from blue wing olives to elk hair caddis and wolly buggers and identifying the appropriate hatch to use them is a new learning experience.

    My point is … leadership is both an art and science. It’s kind of hard using props to introduce the subject of leadership as an art and science so I illustrate the point through fly fishing. LPO (IACP’s leadership in Police Organization’s training) is the science. If you want to read more about that the synergy of combining the best of art and science for quality leadership please pick up a copy of the New Quality Leadership Workbook.


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