New Book Just Out: “Telling It Like It Is!”


Now Available!  Just Published!


Telling It Like It Is: Couper on Cops

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Telling It Like It Is: Couper on Cops is my newest book on police captures the 30 most popular post-essays from over 1,000 on my weblog “Improving Police.” ( I began writing these essays in late 2011, just before Arrested Development was published.

Why Police Matter,” the most popular, has been viewed over 16,000 times. As a veteran police chief, I simply love the art of policing. Consequently, I know police can do much better – that is, improve. So, I continue to share what I have learned and what I am learning today in policing as an author, blogger, and commentator.

Telling It Like It Is provides a snapshot into the many challenges that presently face today’s police from their use of deadly force, militarization, use of deadly force, and responding to protest.  This is a time when our nation is desperately in need of police who are both leaders and guardians of our nation’s values and civil rights.

After Michael Brown was shot by police in 2014, and the city in which I once served was involved in three publicly criticized police shootings, my weblog took on new interest both locally and nationally. Since that time, I continue to offer ways in which police can build trust and support in their communities – all of which are necessary for them to be both effective and safe.

I hope you will read this book, follow my posts, and engage with me.

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