The Seven Necessary Steps — Step 1: Not Just For Police!

In my book, I talk about the seven necessary steps that police must take in order to improve. But this isn’t just about police, it’s about all our workplaces — mine in the church today and yours in your workplace.

All places of work would benefit by taking these seven steps. Now, and until my book comes out, I would be listing one of those seven steps each week.

THIS WEEK: Step One: Envision

Leaders must cast a bold and breathtaking vision to ensure a distinguished future.

” A GOOD VISION statement should be short, bold (even breathtaking), and those hearing it for the first time should be able to clearly remember it the next day. One quickly learns, however, that this is the easiest step. In order for a vision to work, it must be shared with others whom it affects. But having something shared with you is much different than having their vision become yours.”

How does this apply or not apply to your workplace? What is the vision in the place you work that will ensure a “distinguished future?” But more importantly, how is the vision shared? How does your leader’s vision become YOUR vision? And that’s a good part of what my book is about.

Stayed tuned next week for STEP TWO!