On WNWC FM 102.5 — Madison’s Christian Radio Station

On Wednesday, May 5, I did an interview with Mike Powers at the WNWC radio station (FM 102.5, AM 1190). It was a chance for me to talk about the role my faith played in my new book.

The interview will be broadcast on “Faith & Life Today” — FM 102.5 at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning (May 5) and AM 1190 at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday (May 6).


  1. What I meant to say was:

    From Community Oriented Policing (COP) to Community Oriented Pastoring (COP), Dave still takes on the Crap On Patrol (COP)!

    Give ‘em Heaven, Dave!


  2. AS FOR STARTING THE CONVERSATION: Among the various Confused and Offensive Police actions I’ve witnessed in recent years that shocks and awes me more each time are the incidents in which officers in public places verbally threaten, taunt, badger, abuse and even arrest people with cameras after telling them they have no right to wield a camera in public — whether on the streets or at “town hall” meetings — and even arrest those who use them, confiscate cameras and film, video and audio recordings of the events! The move from officers as highly trained and badged Citizens On Patrol to a nation full of departments and officers with a para-military to military mind set — treating American citizens engaged in no provocative or illegal conduct as if they’re citizens on the streets of war zone cities like Baghdad, Mosul, Mogadishu and Berlin, among other historic war zones, and as if subject to martial law — is rampant, utterly appalling and inexcusable! Far too many officers are seeing the badge not as a symbol of authority to be used for wise and righteous law enforcement, but as a license for illogical, insane and destructive whim enforcement! As a result, we’re continuing to devolve into the very thing we despise and have despised in our own past, and in the past and present of other nations. Such officers should be ashamed, hand in their badges and guns, go home, stand before the mirror, then kneel before a grieving God and humbly cry out, “We have met the enemy, Lord, and he is us!”


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