THANKS! Now Get Active!

Yes, thanks to you!

I wrote “Arrested Development” because I thought there were some things in the police field that needed saying like, “You are not moving forward!” “You have four major obstacles that are preventing you from doing so!” “You have a noble calling, now act accordingly!” “Every police officer in America should be smart, well-trained, restrained in the use of force, honest to the core, and courteous to everyone (or as I recently heard, giving “unconditional respect” to all.

Is this a pipe dream or is it possible? While ideas are slow to form and come into daily practice, they are not impossible. Since I began a blog on improving police last October and released my book in early April of this year, big things are starting to happen and I just want to thank those of you who have visited this site, came to one of my “author events,” or purchase a book. There are over 8,000 of you who have visited this site and you come from more than 80 countries throughout the world. Thank you!

And now it’s up to you to get a conversation in your community about improving your police!

Many of you who visit this site live in countries that are not considered democratic and live in a country in which the police are quite repressive. But “hope springs eternal” for all of us. And if you are going to develop a democratic country you MUST have a democratic police!

You will notice a couple of new additions to this blog. One of which is an option to “Follow this Blog on Email.” Please click on this at the right hand column of this page and join the nearly 600 folks who are currently following this blog. This will allow you to stay updated about what is happening in policing not only in this country but in others as well.

We all deserve great policing. It’s good for citizens and even better for police  because it makes them fairer and more effective. It makes them champions of our community values and worthy of respect.

Stay tuned!

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