I’m Not Kidding — This is Real!

No, I am not kidding. I really am interested in solving the problem I identified in the blog I posted on September 28 about apprehending knife-wielders without using deadly force.

In my book, one of the seven improvement steps is to continuously improve. With that in mind, a number of police incidents in which persons armed with knives and not directly threatening police were shot and killed — how could these situations be handled better?

In my September 28 blog, I talked about this and offered a prize to the person who comes of with the most creative and workable solution to the problem of apprehending such a person in an urban setting. This is open to everyone, not just police — though I would imagine police would especially want to offer their ideas as well.

So, I am upping the ante – not only does the winner receive an autographed copy of “Arrested Development,” he or she also will receive a check for $25.00.

Let the creative process begin.

Remember, “Continuous improvement causes us to think about upstream process NOT downstream control.”

[Reply on this blog under “comments” or email me at davidccouper@aol.com. Contest ends NOVEMBER 1st, 2012.]