Now What Shall We Do?

They depend on us!
They depend on us!

Maybe we all need to take a deep breath and step back from the conflict between “liberals” and “gun righters.” Many of  you know I hunted and carried a gun for over 1/2 of my life (Marines and police). I don’t write this from a lack of experience and not knowing evil. But where I see things today is this: We are a violent society (I know, we’ve always been so!) but that should not prevent us from being less so. We need to take a look at the big picture — who we are as a nation, and where we wish to go and how we wish to be. Sure, it is the fault of blood thirsty gaming, libertarians, violent media, violent sports, bullying, the NRA, an eleven-year-old war, silent elected officials, domestic violence, a failing mental health system, drugs, poor parenting skills, and so on. The fact is dear folks, it’s ALL of this and we need to first start to change the violent things in ourselves, our families, all our relationships, and especially how we act at home, at work, and in our neighborhood and community. It’s all about being peaceful and making peace. Can we begin the New Year with a commitment to simply be more peaceful in our lives and in our speech? If we do, we will have made a giant step toward assuring a better future for our children and grandchildren.


    1. I agree, Paul. Thoughtful — and as the conservative judge who sentenced Jared Lee Loughner to seven life terms stated, “Congress must reinstate and toughen the ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”


  1. If the hard core right wing conservatives, NRA, the gun industry, and ALEC had not been fighting against gun control for the last 50 years, plus purging Republican Party moderates, and threatening politicians with the loss of their jobs,we would not be in this fix


    1. And we can become more peaceful by accepting the fact that we do not always need to be in power and in control. Peace to you, yours and all.


      1. It would be nice if rich people and corporation would stop trying to be in power, trying to acquire and control the world’s resources, governments at all levels, and people’s lives both at work and off work.


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