A Case Study on Policing

ratAfter reading this recent article in New York Magazine (May 19, 2013) about the stop and frisk controversy in New York City I am compelled to offer it as a great case study for police. Here’s a sample:

“Officer Pedro Serrano walked through the heavy wooden doors of the 40th Precinct in the South Bronx and headed upstairs to the locker room. For eight years he’d been working out of this 89-year-old station house, with its broken fax machines and crummy computers. “We work in a shithole,” the cops there would say, “but it’s our shithole.” Serrano, 43, had the day off—he’d stopped by only to pick up some papers—but when he got close to his locker, he noticed something strange. Someone had placed a dozen rat stickers on the door…”

If you were Officer Serrano, what would YOU do? And how does the politics of the city drive the department leadership? And what should NYPD leaders do in this kind of environment?

You might also want to read my book to get an overview of why this kind of organizational behavior needs to be checked.

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