Police Accountability: A New Way?

covey     Here is a novel and very creative idea to approach the problem of bad policing which can cost a city millions of taxpayer dollars every year.


     That’s the cost of police brutality to Minneapolis taxpayers over the past seven years.  $4.7 million in 2011 alone.

These payouts by the city are for cases won by plaintiffs or settled out of court for misconduct by police officers. Most cities will fall in about the same parameters. Misconduct by police takes away tax dollars from funding more important, and preventative programs.

The way it works is that your city uses your tax dollars to pay for all settlements and damages for lawsuits filed against officers on your police department. This doesn’t sound like good public policy. Taxpayers should not have to keep paying out huge settlements when their city’s police officers are found liable for misconduct.

Most medical practitioners have to purchase malpractice insurance and the Committee for Professional Policing in Minneapolis believes police officers should be required to carry professional liability insurance as a condition of employment.   While city politics may hinder city officials from holding police officer to be accountable. Whereas, an insurance company that’s on the hook for police misconduct payouts will have no problem doing so.  Problem officers who continue to violate the law would soon find their insurance rates going up. If they don’t change their behavior, they will eventually become uninsurable and looking for another career.

I find this proposal interesting. Follow the link below [CLICK HERE] and find out more about the committee’s proposal.

And, of course, what do you think of this idea?