You’ve Heard About Black Friday and Internet Monday… They’re now history.

But today it’s BLUE FRIDAY and a Half-Price Deal for You During the Month of December as a Holiday Special!

Yes, it’s just one more effort to get the word out to our nation’s police leaders about what they need to do!

I am asking you to purchase a copy of my book, Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police, for half price ($7.00) and send it  to your local police chief as a holiday gift and thank you.

All you have to do is order on line at the CreateSpace E-Store site:

Simply go to

Then put the book in the “cart” and either have it sent directly to your chief or have a copy sent to you and add a note before you give it (or send it) to your chief. To get the sale price, enter the following code: PVGUDCW4.

Now I can’t monitor whether you send it to your favorite police chief or not. If you want to keep the book at half-price that’s okay with me. [I am not making any money on this (I’d have to make the NY Book List in order for that to happen!)].

My objective is to get this book out and into the hands of police leaders. Why? I think it will slowly enable the winds of change.

I just recently got this unsolicited comment from one of my readers who is a police officer. Feedback like this warms the heart of an author!

“Dear Chief Couper: This comment is to let you know I just finished reading your book, Arrested Development today. What a great    and timely read for me as I seriously consider perhaps trying to take my career to another level and a new challenge as a police chief. My eyes actually welled up while reading your epilogue. That has never happened to me as a result of reading a book. I believe your book will help me make a profound and positive difference in my leadership heretofore in my career as a police chief. Thank you for writing this book. I wish I had read it years ago.”

Let’s all work together to help and support our nation’s police on their road to improvement on this BLUE FRIDAY!

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