Leaders Eat Last


When I saw this presentation by Simon Sinek, I was reminded of my early days in the Marines when I heard him describing an old Marine custom. “When you are on base, officers eat first. When you are out in the field, officers eat last.” As a young Marine, this practice said a lot about leadership, the organization I served, and what was important.

Sinek is interested in leaders who make an impact in the world with the capacity to inspire. His newest work explores “circles of safety,” about how great leaders enhance feelings of trust and confidence in making bold decisions. The title of his latest book is, of course, Leaders Eat Last.

Sinek is an ethnographer by training and an adjunct of the RAND Corporation and teaches graduate-level strategic communications at Columbia University.

View this 18 minute video and think about how you lead, how you inspire, how you impact, and how you establish “circles of safety” in your workplace.

And don’t forget, leaders eat last!