More Policing “Is/Is Nots”







In keeping with yesterday’s blog, “What Policing Should Be,” here’s two more important “is/is nots” for policing:



IS                                                        IS NOT

Close to people                                  Centralized

Citizen’s problems                            Police problems

Broad problem-solving                     Incident response

“Turf” responsibility                         Time of day responsibility

Organizational values                       Rules and policies

Quality of life                                     Only crime fighting

Way of doing business                     A program



IS                                                         IS NOT

Systems thinking                               Event thinking

Data-based decisions                        Decisions by emotion

Customer-oriented                           Self-oriented

Teamwork                                          Individual work

Empowering others                          Restricting others

Coaching                                            Dictating

Respecting others                             Coercing others

Continuous improvement                Status quo


[From the Quality Leadership Workbook, Madison Police Department, 1991]



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