The Case For Apology: A Video

A Case for Apology

As we begin this New Year, I am moved to republish this blog. It is a call for police, current and past, to stand up and begin healing the wound of mistrust that plagues our nation’s police. Now is the time.

See my webpage for a text on this important subject as a national task force meets to address our current problems in policing.

As we move forward, let this be a year of healing and trust-building.

Improving Police: A Necessary Conversation

This is a video I put together to try and explain the necessity of a nation-wide apology by past and present police and their leaders to begin the healing process and the restoration of trust between police and communities of color.

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  1. Nice video Reverend. Our system of justice was based on controlling the labor force (slavery, sharecropping, and robber baron) by the haves. I agreed with you that things like employment and education need to be address but sadly, you never see the police being out in the lead in trying to help address these issues.

    The main reason why things are being brought to head these days is thanks to modern technology, police actions can no longer be cover up since people have the technology to record police actions in real time and their actions can be seen around the world in seconds. Of course, DA misconduct like in Missouri can be no longer be cover up due to modern technology and now you got honest lawyers like Norman Goldman and Mike Papantonio going on social media and explaining how grand juries operated and how the DA plays a part in manipulating them and what the DA did in Missouri violated his ethics as a lawyer.

    I also think that due to the fall of Communism plus the destructive aspects of unregulated American capitalism, all the political, social, racial, and economic weaknesses of America are finally coming home to roost and being brought out into the open with the end result that we can no longer ignore them, let along keep a lid on them and hide them in a closet forever.

    Many states used to have rehabilitation programs for criminals but thanks to President Nixon’s war on crime, you had politicians, district attorneys, judges, and police officers trying to out do each other in who was the biggest, baddest person in dealing with crime with the end result that those programs were defunded or eliminated because it was consider coddling to the criminals and it made you look as being weak on crime. Punishment of people (mentally and physically) whether the offense is real, imaginary, minor or major and where they come from seems to be the name of the game in America whether it is at home, work and in the crime justice system by the haves.


  2. I believe that at one time the Head of the Texas Rangers had tried to apology to the Native Americans in Texas for what the Texas Rangers had done to the them, but he was rebuffed by them and he could not figure out why they refused it.


      1. I couldn’t answer those questions, Reverend. You have to ask the Rangers and the Native Americans.


  3. Sorry Gunther I guess I am not in on the conspiracy of the police enterprise of profiting off of whomever. I’ve retired from one full career in policing and am employed as an officer again and I guess I must have the blinders on as I have not made a dime other then my paycheck off the business venture in collusion with government. I’ve participated in thanksgiving basket ministries to neighborhoods where I worked in my city initiated by FOP. On occasion I have helped children with disability have a day at the amusement park (again FOP). I’ll agree with you on political manipulation of the people by the government and the press. Ground level cops perhaps here and there but for the majority they are still taking the risk for the citizen trying to make the streets relatively safe. The obvious agenda being promoted is for police to bunker down and not police. If policing in general collapses into a gelatin mass of uncertainty of when and how to perform that relative safety will go quickly out the window.


  4. Mr. Gorey, police have profited off the war on drugs with all the money they seize due to the forfeiture laws, with all the overtime they make, and the hardware equipment that they got from the US government, One cop during the Ferguson riots, talk about how he was going to use his overtime money to use it to pay for his vacation. If policing collapses, it is because the police play their own part in their downfall.

    Relative safety? Tell that to minorities and the people who are victims of white collar, corporate crime about relative safety.

    Taking risk? Police to this day still have not made it into the top 20 most dangerous occupations. The police have always bunkered down when they are caught. LAPD Chief Gates made a remark to a council leader from Brentwood about cutting police services to that area if the council leader did not stop his criticism of the police.


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