Calling All Criminal Justice Students

Criminal-Justice-Degree-300x230A friend of mine recently suggested that this site would be a good place for criminal justice students (also add sociology, public administration) to visit and use for research.

Actually, it’s quite easy with the remarkable ability of today’s internet search engines.

Just go to the archive and query the topic in which you are interested. For example, many posts deal with the important topics of LEADERSHIP, HANDLING PROTEST, TRAINING, VALUES, STANDARDS, HIRING, USE OF FORCE, QUALITIES FOR POLICE, and so forth.

So… FOLLOW this blog and you will be kept up to date via email every time there is a new post.

And, yes, this weblog is not just for police or those who wish to be. Instead, it is about IMPROVING POLICE and that’s everyone’s job in a society that wants to be free, trust its police, and live up to its values.

And don’t forget these books to add to your CJ library!


A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation's Police.

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