500th Post!

UnknownFive Hundred posts! Hard to believe.

It was in the fall of 2011, as I was finishing up the final edits to Arrested Development, that someone suggested that I put up a weblog to announce the book. Well, it has progressed far beyond this.

During the course of these past four years a lot has happened in our country and in our nation’s police. The “four obstacles” I describe in the book still seem to be the apocalyptic Four Horsemen:

  • Anti-intellectualism,
  • Racism,
  • Corruption, and
  • Discourtesy.

Get those horses restrained and I predict we will have a New Police and a new sense of respect, trust and support in our nation’s communities for them.

Some of my former colleagues get angry with me sensing that I am writing about them. No, it’s not about them, but about the condition of police, hundreds and thousands of them, in thousands of police departments that, collectively, are the problem.

Just one bad cop can spoil it for everyone… and when bad cops make the front page news (now today’s Internet) police officers in America often finds themselves suspect — “Maybe you’re one of those cops!”

Not only have I gotten some traction and interest  among police, governmental officials, and concerned citizens, I have had visitors on this site from over 130 countries around the world.

Our problems in policing a democracy are not that local.

I maintain this blog because I am in love with policing, always have been, and have always thought policing a high and noble calling in our society.

And when it isn’t, when police betray the badges they wear and do not respect other people and their rights, I will be the first to not only criticize, but to show a way forward.

Thanks for visiting this site. Please look to the right margin, FOLLOW this blog, and engage in the conversation.

And as a special anniversary gift, CLICK HERE for a free download copy of How To Rate Your Local Police.

It can be used by both police and citizens to measure their police services — a handy checklist is provided.

And here’s to a grand  objective: a great police for a great nation!