Cops Won’t Change, Can’t Improve? Think Again!

images-2Change is on the horizon for police. Improvement will happen if we all work together.

What is desperately needed is open, respectful dialogue with generous listening between police and the communities they serve — particularly communities of color. It will most certainly involve the ability to negotiate.

And the police must remember this: they serve the people and the people decide the standards — the ways and methods of how police deliver their services.

Policing is negotiation. Everything is negotiable because, as Sir Robert Peel reminded us 150 years ago in  his Principles of Policing: “the police are the public and the public are the police.”

And it may come down to this: if the police do not accept and agree to police in a way the people desire, then the police must reconsider if this is the kind of work they wish to do.

If you think police are unable to change, or cannot change or improve, listen to this presentation by a tough SWAT team commander from Kansas City:

The training he and other officers received came from the Arbinger Institute. Read the report on the work they did with the Kansas City Police Department.

You may also want to see the book that the SWAT team commander mentioned from the Institute: Leadership and Self-Deception.

In the meantime, across the nation, let us all work together to develop the very best in policing. A great nation deserves a great police.