Police Encounters: “Someone Has to Be the Adult”




  • “Citizens have a right to expect their police will practice unconditional respect toward them — no matter what has happened…”
  • “In these kind of incidents, someone has to be the adult…”
  • “When police disrespect citizens, Sandra Bland incidents happen…”

In the wake of the Sandra Bland arrest and death in jail, and high-profile police shootings, I believe police departments today rely too much on coercion and force and less on their verbal skills to gain compliance from citizens. It’s often the issue of authority versus legitimacy.

Here is my recent 20 minute interview on Wisconsin Public Radio with Rob Ferrett.



    1. In my book an ABSOLUTE necessity! Cops need to be educated, well-trained, honest, controlled in their use of force, unconditionally respectful and willing to work closely with those whom they serve.


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