Five Years — 600 Posts!





This is my 600th post since October, 2011. Among other things, you can find the following here:

  • Creative policing ideas.  
  • A new style of leadership for Police.
  • Commentary on current police-related matters.
  • Handling public protest.
  • Training police effectively.
  • Qualities of police in a democracy.
  • Police values.
  • Doing real community-oriented policing.
  • A way forward and out of the present crisis.
  • Controlling deadly force.
  • Restoring police trust and respect.

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Unknown-3So far this year there have been 84,489 views, that’s over 300 visits a day. Over 1,300 people now FOLLOW this blog.

 To date, this year’s most popular posts are:

  1. “Making Choices: Moral Aspects of Policing”
  2. “Why Police Matter”
  3. “Hazing and Bullying in the Police Academy”
  4. “Principles of Leadership”
  5. “Learning From #TonyRobinson”

In 2014 (55,593 views) they were:

  1. “Making Choices: Moral Aspects of Policing”
  2. “Principles of Leadership”
  3. “Hazing and Bullying in the Police Academy”
  4. “Why Police Matter”
  5. “The Seven Necessary Steps”

In 2013 (36,925 views) they were:

  1. “Problems in Madison”
  2. “The Seven Necessary Steps”
  3. “Making Choices: The Moral Aspects of Policing”
  4. “Why Police Matter”
  5. “Can and Should Police Investigate Themselves?”

In 2012 (43,174 views) they were:

  1. “The Seven Necessary Steps”
  2. “Four Obstacles”
  3. “The Seven Improvement Steps”
  4. “Setting the Tone, Casting the Vision”
  5. “Step Two: Selecting the Finest and Brightest”

In 2011, a partial year (2, 137 views) they were: 

  1. “Crowds, Protest and Police”
  2. “More on Protest and Police”
  3. “Unarresting Police”
  4. “Author”
  5. “About”
  • Thanks again for visiting this site and for your interest in helping improve our nation’s police.
  • After all, it’s really everyone’s job! So sign up, FOLLOW this site, engage, and comment!

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