Let’s Get This: Community-Oriented Policing is the Only Way to Police a Democracy!

The following is my radio interview with Ann Fisher of WOSU radio in Ohio on August 11th. Among other things, we talked about what needs to be done to move out of the crisis.

Community-oriented policing as the WAY to police a democracy was one of them — not just a “program” but the actual way police services are delivered.images-1


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  1. Hello Mr. Couper.

    Am proud to share that am a police officer from Kenya. I follow your blog and I admit I share your philosophical perspective on police and policing. Your ideas are very progressive and forward oriented. All police should borrow from these ideas.

    Am also happy that I have just received a copy of your nice book namely “Arrested Development” through a friend living in the States (alongside others on Bill Bratton). I had to make such arrangements just to own them. At a scan, I love the following:

    “The lack of a foundation of rigorous academic training makes it difficult for police leaders to digest any kind of research or case study. This is the continuing and oppressive effect of anti-intellectualism in the police field and why it remains a major obstacle.”

    Very right indeed.

    Keep up the good work.



  2. Oh, I must share this as I come (sadly) to the conclusion of this nice read. Writing on how Transformative Leadership is cheaply doable, Chief acknowledges and notes in conclusion:
    “But, it will take time. It will require bold leadership from the police themselves. It can’t begin in the squad room: it has to begin with the chief. A mayor cannot do it, nor can a city council. Citizen committees cannot do it … If police are to realize their potential as Constitutional officers, their leaders would have to take and be the first step. Perhaps one of them is reading ‘Arrested Development’.”

    What a challenge! My long-held truths on the future of police policy and practice have been vindicated and well reinforced.

    Thank you…


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