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  1. Principles of Leadership
  2. How a Traffic Offense Can Be a Ticket to Prison
  3. Making Choices: The Moral Aspects of Policing
  4. 21st Century Crime Reduction Strategies
  5. Why Police Matter


  1. I wonder after all these police killings what percentage general populace has lost faith and trust in our local police forces, and in reaction watch with a more critical eye?


      1. And as the unwarranted shooting continue it will drop and drop. Somehow this needs to be controlled, one would hope with multi million dollar pay-offs this would force the cities to make some realignments. Still the “Feared for my life” needs to be addressed, YES it is NOT without risks, the fear is there but so is it in firefighting and in the military in a combat exposure as well. If one has true fear for his/her life he/she should pursue a different occupation.


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