The Big Question Police Face Today

A big question looms across America. It is a question directed at our police. It has yet to be answered.

IMG_0017If you have been following this blog you know that I have a deep passion and love for policing and how important police are to a well-functioning democracy.

Here’s my take as to what’s going on today — what constitutes the “crisis” in which police find themselves: Black Americans are asking a pointed question throughout America. So far, I am not sure they have been given an answer.

The question is simple and direct: “What are you doing to stop killing us?”

I asked this question again during the Platteville Conference last week because police leaders need to hear it and stand up, affirm they are committed to honoring and preserving life — all life — and articulate the positive steps they are taking in order to answer this question to the satisfaction of those who are asking it.

Given the importance of the answer in a free, diverse and multicultural society such as ours, the answer should be of high priority.

If I have missed these answers from police leaders please let me know. I am eager to highlight chiefs who have attempted to adequately answer this pressing question.

If police and their communities of color are ever to restore trust in one another and move forward to a better day, this question must be answered to the full satisfaction of those most impacted.



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