Trust-Building: Five Bold Steps


Five Bold Steps That Will Help Build Trust and Support of Your Police

In keeping with the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing and my own belief in the high-calling of police in a democratic society, the following five steps need to be immediately taken and committed to by your civic leaders. You need to know that…

1. Your police department will work closely with you and is accountable to you in effectively responding to crime and other disorder in your community.

2. All new police officers hired will hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and are well-trained and competent in the essential skills of policing a democracy.

3. Overall, at least 10 percent of your officers will be from racial minority groups and at least 20 percent will be women.

4. Your police will be unconditionally respectful in performing their duties, non-biased, controlled in their use of force, and will be highly committed to the preservation of life.

5. Your police will strive to continuously improve and exceed your expectations.

Effective policing happens when police listen, work closely with, and are accountable to those whom they serve.



  1. Chief – I just listened to you live at the PERF Town Hall in Chicago – you make some great points, and your tenets are as timeless as ever. Some of the goals are lofty, but none are unattainable. Well said.


      1. Really good stuff. The procedural justice discussions are tuned more easily to infusing these ideals into the police culture. I’m hopeful about the lessons and about the empirical results.


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