New Year’s Resolutions


Year 2016 Resolutions For Our Nation’s Police

As a democratic police officer serving a free society, I resolve:

1. To treat every human person I encounter with courtesy, respect and to hold, preserve, guard, and protect human life.

2. To honor the sanctity of human life and to use deadly force only when it is “absolutely necessary.”*

3. To work closely and intimately with the neighborhoods in which I work and serve, listen to citizens as they identify police-related problems on which we, together, can solve.

4. To work especially with those citizens who have lost trust and support for police and work to re-establish that which has been lost.

5. To continuously improve that which I do — especially my conflict management, de-escalation, and crisis intervention skills, to be a model police officer and example for those with whom I work and to coach to junior officers.

6. To guard and protect our nation’s Constitution and Bill of Rights.

7. To adhere to and practice the “Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.”



*Absolute Necessity” is the standard for use of police deadly force according to the European Convention on Human Rights and Policing.



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