“The Wire’s” David Simon Talks About Improving Policing

“Police need to walk away from the drug war…”
David Simon

“Long before Freddie Gray’s death in police custody made Baltimore an epicenter of the Black Lives Matter movement, David Simon had covered police for the Baltimore Sun.

“He used his experience to write two books and two television series, including the critically acclaimed ‘The Wire.’ The New Yorker’s Jelani Cobb rides around West Baltimore with Simon to talk about what’s gone wrong with policing, and how to fix it.”

HEAR THE INTERVIEW from the New Yorker Radio Hour (14:00 min.)


  1. Criminalization of drugs is based on the underlying assumption that only through government coercion can we reduce harmful substance abuse. Other alternatives have not been adequately explored. We fail to confront the brutal realities of the second and third order harm from coercive strategies.

    I too believe police need to get out of the drug business. Withdrawal from that endeavor will free up precious resources that can be focused on more effective policing.


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