A Strong, But Needed, Prescription

UnknownI have made this argument in the past and I will continue to make it.

I strongly believe we must  acknowledge the evil of our system of criminal justice in which most all of us have willingly or unwillingly participated and make apology.

This is a tough subject in which to talk about, let alone move forward.

We must realize our past and present system of justice and its practices have tended to work against poor people and people of color and others who are vulnerable in our society.

And now it is time for us to apologize, to ask for forgiveness, and then work to improve the system so it works for everyone — a big order, but a necessary one.

The way forward into a future together must begin with those of us who are and were its police!

Can we be courageous enough to take the first step?

Former Montgomery, Ala. Police Chief Kevin Murphy did. And he did it while he was on active duty.

images-1If we who serve, or have served as police, see ourselves as professionals this is what we will do — we will apologize, seek forgiveness, and work for reconciliation.

  • Apology is simply the right thing to do. And now is the right time.
  • I have made and will continue to make my apology.
  • Will you make yours?