Community-Oriented Policing: Too Soft?

Think again!

Police Officer Deon Joseph works skid row in Los Angeles — truly one of the toughest neighborhoods in America. And the amazing thing is that he does it with what can certainly be called true “community-oriented policing.”

Officer Joseph has worked this district for 18 years and never has been stabbed or shot. Why? Because if he needed help, people in this troublesome and needy neighborhood would come and help him. And the reason is simply because they know that he loves them! Yes, he uses the word “love!”

What you see with Off. Joseph is not your ordinary militarized policing operation but one based on procedural justice and respect for those who are served.

See his walk-along interview:


  1. I am surprised that Officer Joseph’s superiors are not blaming him for not curbing the rise of assaults, rapes, etc., the despite the fact that he has work in that area for 18 years plus accusing him of being too soft or being on the take from the drug dealers. At least, he is trying to help people compare to most cops who makes excuses such as “we are carrying out the decisions that our political leaders have given us”, or another excuse is “we cops did not create these conditions.” We all know that the latter excuse is a bunch of bunk because cops play an important role in creating the negative political, social, and economic conditions in the country instead of working for positive changes for the betterment of the country. Without cops, the one percenters would have to do the dirty work of the cops by themselves.


  2. Dear Caring police officer,

    Don’t be surprised if you encounter jealousy on a police force.
    It will come with accusations guaranteed.

    After I was set up and shot 5 times in 1981 a police officer who was interviewed before I was shot and put on hold was called in to report for duty. He had a wife and children and he was terrified at the ideal he was going to a town where one of it’s police officers had just been shot and was in intensive care.

    The first thing he told me he did was he went out in the community to find out who hated me that much and what kind of a person I was. So he said he approached as many as he could from all walks of life and everybody from the bottom up said I was the fairest one on the force.

    He later discovered where the problem lied, and as many others were forced to do, he left the force to seek employment on another police force but that too would not be pleasing to some. Instead of standing with me he did like all those others did that stayed and tried to protect themselves and their jobs he finished loosing his career….

    UIt’s so sad what they did as a group to me but what goes arond comes around. They found the same for themselves when it was all said and done. None of the original dispatchers or the police officers ever worked in police work again and that was the same for the chief….

    You see if the public loves you they will trust you and talk to you and that’s scarry for some out there.

    I think that force should be investigated before something happens to that officer… it’s not illegal to love someone and want to help them unless you are a terrible person yourself.

    Goodness, Truth & Mercy will always expose the evil intent in the heart of a person.

    Stay safe brother & watch yourself,
    I did that but it happen anyway,

    It was to get me out of the way


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