The Case for College Cops: Now More than Ever

Philadelphia PD’s decision to drop their 2-yr college requirement for police applicants is dead wrong. Instead, they should raise the entrance requirement to a 4 yr college degree. We need police leaders casting a vision of greatness and professionalism from a new kind of police officer that can help raise trust and support. That’s what you get with college cops!

Especially now when use of force is the major issue in urban policing. Philadelphia needs to think this through.

Improving Police

Unknown-6According to an article in Police Quarterly, better-educated police officers resort less often to using force.

“Weighing in on a long-simmering dispute, a recent study for the Police Quarterly shows that officers with some college education are less likely to resort to force than those who never attend college.

“The study found no difference with respect to officer education when it came to arrests or searches of suspects. But it found that in encounters with crime suspects, officers with some college education or a four-year degree resorted to using force 56 percent of the time, while officers with no college education used force 68 percent of the time (my emphasis).

“’Force’ included verbally threatening suspects, grabbing or punching them, using mace or pepper spray, hitting suspects with a baton, handcuffing, throwing to the ground, or pointing or firing a gun at them.

“’Up until now, the studies have…

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