This is Awful — It Cannot Be Lawful!


“State and local investigators concluded the former cop used ‘justified and reasonable’ force.”

Shall we talk? If this is a lawful shoot, something needs to be change in the areas of law, training and attitude. This is a newly released video from Greensboro, NC police from an event that happened in March of 2014. (Read the news article HERE.)

For many years I taught police self defense tactics when I was a police officer in Minneapolis. During the same period of time I taught my curriculum across the state of Minnesota for the State Crime Bureau.

I did not teach the use of a firearm in the above situation. It was talk, get out of the way, use your baton, not your sidearm.

It is no more dangerous today than it was then. You doubt this? Check the stats.

Do the citizens we are sworn to serve and protect have to experience this kind of behavior from ANY of our nation’s 17,000 police? Aren’t we better than this?

What’s going on?

But it must STOP.

[p.s. Another tragedy from the this shooting is that the involved officer resigned from department. Is there not a responsibility for leaders to see that their officers are properly trained and led in the use of deadly force? My experience is that when an officer has to take a life it not only extinguishes one life but tragically alters another.]