Speakers at the Platteville Police and Community Conference

16-3319_cj_department_policing_conference_poster_proof3Below are the scheduled speakers for the 2nd Annual Midwest Conference on 21st Century Policing: “Building Trust and Legitimacy,” September 16th at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.

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Mark Bowman is an Associate Professor of Justice Studies and Director of the Center for Excellence in Justice Administration at Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC.  Mark retired as a Lieutenant with 21 years of service with the Virginia Beach, VA Police Department.  Mark also retired as a Major with over 26 years of enlisted and commissioned, active and reserve service, with over 18 years as a Special Forces officer. Mark will give his perspectives on PERF’s “30 Guidelines on Police Use of Force.”

David Couper is a retired police chief (Madison, Wisc., 1972-91), currently pastor and lecturer in criminal justice. Author of “Arrested Development: A Police Chief Sounds Off…” and the active blog, “Improving Police” on WordPress and a vocal activist for police reform.

Brandi Grayson is Brandi Grayson is the Founder of Young Gifted Black Coalition (YGB) and has been a resident of Madison for 25 years. She is a proud mother and grandmother of four children and a foster daughter. Brandi graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in Psychology. The work she does with the YGB coalition is due to her personal and professional experiences working and living in communities that suffer the most.

Amelia Royko Maurer is a homeschool parent, human right advocate and founding member of Madison’s Community Response Team.  Amelia was a professional collaborator, housemate and friend to Paulie Heenan who, while unarmed, was shot and killed by a Madison Police Officer on the sidewalk in front of her neighbor’s home.

Alex M. Salazar is a former Los Angeles Police Officer and currently a private investigator specializing in Civil Rights investigations. He is a contributor to http://www.renegadepopo.com and http://www.honestpolice.org. In addition, he is a police reform activist and member of the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice, Reform and Accountability (NCLEOJ).

Lindsay Wallace is a consumer and mental health advocate, Executive Director of NAMI Dane County, and published writer on various mental health topics.

Noble Wray served a decade as chief of police in Madison, Wisc. After his retirement in 2013, he served as interim director of the Madison Urban League. He currently heads up the Policing Practices and Accountability in the COPS Office within the U.S. Department of Justice. In this role he assists police departments throughout the country in implementing recommendations of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. 

Kristen Roman is the Captain of Community Outreach for the Madison Police Department.  Her responsibilities include oversight and coordination of the Mental Health Officer and Liaison programs, MPD’s CIT Training Program, Citizen and Youth Academies, Restorative Justice programs, and other community outreach initiatives.  During her 26-year career, she has worked extensively in the area of improving police services to people with mental illness and has conducted multiple local, statewide, and national trainings and presentations on police-mental health collaboration.

William “Dub” Lawrence is a former Bountiful City Police Officer and Sheriff of Davis County, Utah, founder of SWAT team in 1975 that killed his son-in-law in 2008.  Subject of Award-winning Documentary film “Peace Officer” and participant 2016 PBS Independent Lens Special “Armed in America.”  Advocate for Justice System Equality, Transparency and Accountability.

John Mutz is a retired Los Angeles Police Captain who introduced Quality Policing as a station commander following the Rodney King beating and subsequent civil unrest.  Member of Community Oversight of Law Enforcement, Sonoma County, California, and author of soon-to-be-released, “The Police Service In Diverse Communities: A New Paradigm.” Recent guest on PBS with host Tavis Smiley in connection with institutional racism in policing.

Chuck Wexler is the Executive Director of the Police Executive Research Form (PERF) and will be the keynote speaker on PERF’s “30 Guidelines on Police Use of Force.”

Ismael Ozanne is District Attorney for Dane County, Wisconsin.

Dave Maloney is the Sheriff of Dane County, Wisconsin.

Maki Haberfeld is Professor of Criminal Justice at John Jay College in New York City.

Chris Taylor is a Wisconsin state legislator representing an area in Madison, Wisc. who is responsible for introducing and passing a Wisconsin law requiring outside investigations of police shootings.

Jason King and Tony Ruesga, Jr. are respectively, chief of police and sergeant, from the Darlington, Wisc. Police Department.

Michael Bell is a community activist, retired U.S. Air Force pilot and son of a young man killed by police.

Pat Solar is a tenured professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.

Dan Marcou is the former Director of Training for the LaCrosse, Wisc. Police Department.

Anthony “Nino” Amato is a lecturer in Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville and a community activist.





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