Ten Hard Lessons Learned

Over the years, these always seem to be the “hard lessons” inherent in organization change and improvement. What’s your experience in leading change/reform?

Improving Police

hard lesson[Sometimes it helps to look back and try and find out why something that seemed so important, so necessary, years ago seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Statistician W. Edwards Deming and his followers greatly influenced me by their work to show us how to improve the quality of our goods and services.  After all, shouldn’t everyone of us be interested in improving things and doing so continuously at work, home, and at play? Isn’t the quest to improve that which we do a part of our culture? Isn’t that what we do in America?

I wrote the following article for the “Quality Progress” magazine to explain what happened in my city when top leadership changed hands.  I began to see that there were some things in our society, work and political systems that work against improving things. After reading this, you may find an answer to your question about why things don’t improve in your workplace like they should.]


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