You Really Should Read My Book

Please bear with me as I unabashedly promote my book.

I am doing this because I believe it lays out the way police must go in order to emerge from the post-Ferguson crisis. It can be a good discussion point in your community or within your police department.

Arrested Development is about a new kind of  police and answer the questions:

  • Why do police need to improve? (More democratic, constitutional, and less-violent).
  • How can improvement be accomplished? (The “Seven Steps“).
  • What prevents this from happening? (The “Four Obstacles“)

The book is about my half-century of experience, both as a practitioner and academic, to bring about a new model for policing in America and how it was accomplished in Madison, Wisc. as well as a short history of policing in America.

The model is based on police being closer, having a more professional relationship with citizens, and engaging in a process of continuous learning, improvement, and making data-based decisions in order to build/re-build trust and support — the two necessary traits to be an effective police agency in our society.

Changing police is not easy, but when police are improved everyone benefits and, yes, the job of policing becomes safer.

This new way can happen when citizens and police work together to overcome the resistance, both inside and outside police ranks, which keeps improvement and better police services from happening.

Our nation’s goal should be to have police in our communities who are smart, well-educated, diverse, strongly controlled in their use of force, honest, respectful, and willing and able to work closely with members of the community.

You can order Arrested Development HERE (and get 30% off the $14.99 list price by using the discount code S3GGZBJJ or view sample pages on

And, of course, I would be interested in what you think and how the book may have been helpful to you.



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