Exemplary Policing


You might want to check out this new website.


Michael Josephson is one of America’s most respected authorities on modern policing, has developed this website (and associated Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin)  to provide the law enforcement community with a comprehensive resource including: Summaries of important current news, reproducible inspirational posters, a library of quotations, best practices, policies, articles, and major reports sorted by topic.

Along with instructional and inspirational videos, notable speeches, surveys,  and a discussion of his Exemplary Policing Framework (the basis of an in-process COPS publication on “The Exemplary Policing Organization: A Guide to Values-Based Policing”).

His website will collect and share information about opinions, activities and best practices.

He is anxious to receive our continuous feedback to ensure that we provide him with interesting and useful information and practical tools to assist in our continuing efforts to professionalize policing and enhance the quality and effectiveness of our efforts to serve our communities.