Cops are dying. What are we doing about it?

“Thoughtful Sarge” has, again, a thoughtful commentary. I agree. We need to get a handle on the proliferation of firearms in our society.

Square Cop In A Round World

If you want to prevent police shootings, then quit bitching and do something.

Last Saturday night six police officers were shot in this country. Three incidents in which two officers were shot. Police departments use after-action reports and investigations to prosecute the offender (if the offender wasn’t killed) and ostensibly to examine the events in order to learn from what occurred to hopefully improve safety. That’s the goal, right?

In Uniontown, PA, state troopers were shot while attempting to arrest an individual they believed was dealing in stolen property (Xbox taken from a recent burglary). During a struggle, the w/m suspect pulled out a .38 revolver and fired. The bullet went through one trooper’s hand and struck the second trooper in the abdomen. Troopers returned fire and killed the suspect. The suspect, a felon and registered sex offender, still had a firearm in his possession and used it to shoot…

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  1. I warned our Wisconsin State legislators from BOTH parties that the liberal guns laws being introduced by the “confederate” NRA (once a hunter friendly organization of my youth) would result in increased law enforcement deaths both in Wisconsin and nationwide. Wisconsin’s police chiefs also pleaded to keep our conservative guns laws in place where only law enforcement and hunters can “carry heat”, not the many gun idolizers who hide behind the 2nd Amendment.

    In my personal experience and opinion as a former cop, the NRA coddles criminals at the expense of
    more law enforcement deaths.

    Guns kill! If not Sweden and Canad would be the most dangerous country in the world and Somalila would be the safety. Why isn’t Texas safer than Vermont, or Utah, or Minnesota? More guns and more gun idolitry. If one truly is a Christian with deep faith, one fears NOTHING. God FIRST, NOT guns!


  2. You wonder how many cops still are members of the NRA even though that organization is trying to loose up gun laws that will get them killed?


  3. I don’t have facts to back it up Reverend Couper, but I think many cops don’t support gun control is if they get convicted, having a criminal record will prevent them from buying more guns or they will probably have the guns in their place of residence bet taken away from them.


  4. NB, there are child soldiers around the world and I bet you they are trained in using rock launchers whether we like it or not. Furthermore, I don’t see the police lobbying their politicians to go after the gun makers. Of course, you can thank Bush, Jr., and Congress for giving immunity to the gun manufacturers. Funny how cops don’t seem to care about what happens to the civilian population until it comes and hits them


  5. Gunther, that so true.
    It’s all fun and games when you are the one dishing it out but society is getting tired of the game that seems to be rigged. Even the Olympics seems to be attempting to clean things up it’s time for our leaders to start doing the same before people rise up and nobody is safe.


  6. I’m disgusted even when I watch the Border Guards Shows
    You won’t see them harassing the Private Jets of the Wealthy and Famous.
    There a three tier system
    If you find out something that touches the lives of the upper class this is what happens to you


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