1. David,
    As always I appreciate you sharing about how we get better. The campaign is going well, however it is a challenge being a candidate.
    I am fortunate to have your mentorship and friendship as I need allies like yourself more today than ever.
    I believe we can be successful in the June primary and move on to November and win and reflect the values and principles that we know brings policing back to its true mission.
    Happy New Year my friend,

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    1. Thanks, John. IF there is anything else I can do to help you be sure to let me know: 2018 Press On! “Making a good sheriff’s dept better and implementing continuous improvement through the years!”


      1. Also: I strongly suggest you read Barry Friedman’s new book, “Unwarranted: Policing Without Permission.” It’s great and its what you and I have been preaching for decades: “We (the public) have categorically failed to offer clear guidance to policing agencies as to what they are to do (or refrain from doing)…  The main arena for the radical changes necessary to save many hundreds of civilian lives . . . is the local police department… When there is transparency, when public dialogue occurs, policy unequivocally does change…”


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