Once Again: The Key to Success is More Women Police

San Antonio Police looking to recruit more women to improve the police department

“Experts say that a key to community success is more women on the police force. So San Antonio PD is looking to recruit more women.”

You are going to here more about this needed reform movement (which, incidentally began in the early 1970s). The long and the short of it is that women can make a good police department a great one!

What should be the goal of every police agency? Twenty-percent female! (Check out my old department Madison which grew from 25% women when I retired to over 30% today.)

Here’s a good “check-in” to where we are today and where we should be going in policing. Andrea Martinez of KENS5 TV reports at 11:38 PM CST March 3, 2018.

“The San Antonio Police Department is looking to hire, and they’re looking to hire from a specific group: women.

“That’s why SAPD held a special ‘Women in Policing’ event on Saturday. The event was meant to inspire women to serve the city on the police force.

“’As females, sometimes we can talk ourselves out of doing things, so it’s important to hear other females that have the same story, same background, and it becomes relatable, not only to us as officers but these awesome ladies,’ Officer Shanus Bennett said.

“From a Q & A to traffic stops and physical ability tests, the end result is a sisterhood, good pay, benefits, and no slack.

“It all took place at the San Antonio Police Academy, where close to one hundred woman were put through a series of scenarios, like what to do at a traffic stop when a weapon or drugs are involved.

“’It’s encouraging to see these women out there, amazing, hardworking, and ambitious,” Nadia Juarez said. ‘So it makes me believe any woman can do it, especially myself…'”

Read the entire article HERE.


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