Milwaukee Chief Sets the Tone

Alfonso Morales, a 25-year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department is the city’s new Chief of Police. He was appointed last month for a two-year term on the retirement of Chief Ed Flynn.

In the following video the Chief sets the tone and expectations citizens and officers can expect from him.

This is a great video and an example of what one of the things police chiefs need to do to set the tone for their community if trust and confidence are to be restored in our nation’s cities. You will also notice that the Chief says he was “sorry” for past mistakes his department made. A good start. But saying “I apologize” is stronger and more so if one also asks for forgiveness and pledges not to repeat past mistakes.

Of course, Chief Morales has to now “walk the talk” — and with a current challenge before him he will have to wear those two, often uncomfortable hats — one being the leader of his police officers and the other being the people’s police chief; a difficult, but not impossible job.

The challenge before him is that his officers arrested NBA player Sterling Brown and a video about to be released.

Such are the challenges of police leadership today.

On May 23rd, The New York Times described the arrest of Brown as follows:

“Milwaukee leaders were bracing for the expected release of a video showing a confrontation between police officers and Sterling Brown, an N.B.A. player, in which the police used a stun gun.

“In recent days, Mayor Tom Barrett has voiced concern about the images that appear on the video, which could be released as early as Wednesday. “I’m going to let the release of that speak for itself, but yes, I definitely have concerns after watching that video,” the mayor told reporters this week.

“Police conduct toward black people has been a fraught issue in Milwaukee, where protesters have held demonstrations repeatedly in recent years following police shootings and the release of videos showing rough arrests.”

Read the entire article HERE.

How Chief Morales responds may be a real-time tutorial. I wish him the best.


After publishing this blog earlier today the following video of Brown’s arrest was released:


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