Top Posts Last Week


  1. Hazing and Bullying in the Police Academy

  2. Being an (Uncomfortable) Prophet

  3. Police Reform: An Impossible Dream?

  4. An Unusual Experience of Police Reform: The Republic of Georgia

  5. Principles of Leadership

  6. How a Traffic Offense Can Be a Ticket to Prison

  7. On Police Reform in Ukraine


  1. David,
    I am back to my book following the campaign for Sonoma Coumty Sheriff.
    I an editor who wants to make significant changes in the book.
    I like what he is saying as he has completed a book project himself.
    He has asked me to identify a leading person in the police reform field to draft the Foreward of the Book.
    Would you be willing
    To do that after I send you a new draft?
    As I have read your blog over the years so much of my experience, thinking about leading change are aligned with your writing.
    I am reading the “End of Policing.”
    Are you availed for a call this week?

    Sent from my iPhone


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