The Top Posts of 2018





  1.  Why Police Matter
2.  Making Choices: The Moral Aspects of Policing  
3. The Principles of Policing (1829)  
4. How a Traffic Offense Can Be a Ticket to Prison  
5. Principles of Leadership  
6. Hazing and Bullying in the Police Academy  
7. Rules of Engagement (ROE)  
8. My Philosophy of Policing  
9. Courage: It’s More Than You Think  
10. What Should We Expect From Our Police Officers?  
11. Peel’s Principles: A Modern Translation  
12. Policing and the ISO

Thanks to all of you for a great year! This is the beginning of our 8th year. This blog and its resources have been running since 2011. Over 500,000 views and 3,000+ followers keep me going!

Let’s press on in 2019 as we work together to help our nation’s police improve and set a standard for policing a free society! Happy New Year!

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