Poetic Policing

You might wonder why I would compose a book of poetry so late in life. It is because I see poetry as a lifelong journey. It began with my teenaged years in and continues today. When I was a Marine in the South Pacific, I looked up into the sky one night, amidst the cosmos that surrounded me and said, “Yes, I feel this, and I need to write about it!”

This realization and the need to get in touch with my inner feelings continued through the years with one glaring exception. While I wrote poems about love, life, and social justice, my experiences as a police officer avoided my pen.

Writing poetry has been a way for me to feel, heal, and grow as a human person created in God’s image.

I pray you will also find healing and growth as I share these poems of reflection and remembrance with you.

Read some excerpts HERE.


Check the book out HERE on Amazon.com.

Ed. Note: For those of you in the Madison area, I will be giving a reading at the Room of One’s Own Bookstore at 315 West Gotham in Madison on Friday night, February 22nd at 6 pm. Stop by for conversation, treats and, perhaps, a signed book!