Let’s Get Serious About Training Police Leaders

Having spent three decades in this field — and most of them as a leader — let me say this: we have yet to get it!

If we continue to send aspiring leaders to 3-5 day experiences hoping somehow the experience will be transformative and lasting. It won’t. Because that’s not how people change.

And the reason is few if any of these training efforts will have forgotten or overlooked one serious component — a significant period of hands-on, value-based outside COACHING!

Quality leaders can only be developed this way. Sadly, few organizations are willing to put the coaching-mentoring stage into operation. If an organization truly cared for the men and women they choose to be leaders they would not overlook this vital and highly effective step.

But it must be remembered that the content of leadership training must be value-centered and forward-thinking; that is, to define your organization’s core values and teach the best known methods of modern leadership.

We will find this information not in the station house but in what leading private.organizations are doing. In short, evidence-based, effective leadership.

The top-down, coercive methods of the past must be totally eliminated.

I have identified this New Leadership through my teaching on this blogsite. Use the search engine here to find it’s principles and practices.

I also suggest you get on YouTube and query Simon Sinek and his talks; notably “Why Leaders Eat Last.”

Have a good hunt and then think about how you can bring this style of leadership to your department and then make it stick!

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