Let’s Face It!

Some good, basic tips here. Remember: it’s all about communication! https://www.amazon.com/Be-Fantastic-Police-Officer-communities/dp/1490537821

If we are to preserve this fragile thing called American democracy we are going to have to become a little more active in our communities.

If you are not having an on-going dialogue with your police leaders about use of force, handling kids and immigrants, training methods, creating a more diverse police agency, and building everyone’s trust of police you are NOT strengthening our nation.

And if you, as a police officer, are not engaging with your community on the above issues, you are letting them down.

Most of the pressing issues facing American police are contained within the 1200+ blogs on this site.

What is not happening is an on-going dialogue about what I have said on these posts. If you agree or don’t agree with me, I’d like to hear from you.

I have written earlier about prophets — unloved in their home towns — it certainly applies to those of us who love and are concerned about police and how their jobs and community relationships might be improved.

Let’s not wait for another questionable shooting or the comments on social media from a few rogue cops become the dominant police-community relations narrative.

Policing is a noble calling. Let’s keep it that way!