When is Enough Enough?

Isn’t enough, enough? The business of deaths by firearms is the business of police leadership.

Across our nation there is increasing support for more controls on firearms possession and use.

I expect police leaders to come together and propose that their elected leaders do more to legislate reasonable controls. For example, the following:

1 Universal background checks on all sales and transfers of firearms (including so-called “gun shows.)

2. Prohibit the sale and possession of military-style assault rifles.

3. Prohibit the sale and possession of high-capacity magazines.

4. Institute a national/state buy-back program of prohibited firearms and magazines.

5. Permit police to impound firearms possessed by persons who are a danger to themselves or others.

6. Increase accessibility for all citizens to mental health services.

7. Enforce existing state and federal firearms laws and fully staff the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Taxation and Firearms.

8. Sanction hate speech whenever it occurs. Speak out!

Most Americans believe more controls are needed.

To date, there have been 292 mass shootings in our nation. See the full chart.

Business Insider provides an interesting article, “How to Stop Shootings in America” which evaluates ten proposed strategies to stop mass shootings and those which are likely to work.

For a personal note, hear what “Thoughtful Sarge” has to say about the situation in her blog.


  1. Chief, I will never understand why anyone can believe that our forefathers thought that the mass population needed assault weapons! In my opinion, you have listed the prescription for change. Sorely needed!


    1. Thanks. The idea of home protection and defense against carnivores would suggest some need for a firearm at home in expanded set of agrarian colonies by our Founders. But today’s days are not those of the 18th century. Reason must prevail.


  2. Thanks, Chief. Once again, we are of like minds: Police leadership should speak and demand action. We all need to speak out until this change happens. I explored the issues of mental health and the effects of these massacres are having on police. With suicides surpassing LOD death and increases in misconduct, it seems to me these stressors only add to the toxic mix. Here’s a link:

    Thanks for your leadership, as always.


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