Capt. Hunter’s Podcast

Captain Lawrence Hunter, Waterbury, CT

I am posting today a podcast interview with retired Police Captain Lawrence Hunter. As an introduction he writes:

“While doing research for a previous episode on police militarization I came across David Couper’s blog ‘Improving Police.’  He was gracious enough to be a guest on the podcast. Go for a walk and listen to the wisdom and instruction that a former police chief has for today’s time. We discuss militarization, officer suicide, BLM and other topics.” He identifies his mission in doing these podcasts as follows:

“Far too often there seems to be a divide between police practices and the perception of the public. This podcast is dedicated to bridging the gap between police and the communities they serve. This program will be dedicated to analyzing police procedures and giving a layman’s understanding to the public. It will also review relevant events which are occurring around the U.S. in attempts to give the public the reasons why the police have taken the course of action that they have. The goal of this program is to bring all groups together and to work in harmony to make all communities better and cohesive.”

I was pleased to find that we have leaders like Capt. Hunter out there who are willing to continue to help improve our nation’s police and reinforce the role of police officer as helper and protector of our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

You can hear the full interview HERE.


Captain Lawrence Hunter (Ret.) began his law enforcement
career in 1995 as an officer for the Waterbury Police
Department in Connecticut. Find out more about his career HERE.