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Honors for “Improving Police”

“The blog Improving Police has been recognized year after year as a leading resource to help improve the practice of policing a democracy.”

“If the ethical and moral conundrums of police work intrigue you, this will be a favorite resource. Retired Police Chief and Pastor David Couper fills his easy-to-browse blog with ideas for improving the police force and its interaction with society as a whole. An excellent read for reform-minded officers seeking perspective” — Rasmussen College, August, 2019.

“Officers who have participated in successful community policing programs often report reduced crime and greater job satisfaction. Yet some departments have struggled to let go of the traditional ‘us vs. them’ approach to crime fighting. Community policing is how a free society is to be policed. Period,’ says David C. Couper, a former chief of police in Madison, Wisconsin, author of multiple books, and blogger at Improving Police. ‘Why is there still resistance to it?’” — Police Magazine. June, 2018

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