What’s Your Vision?

The best leaders are like wagon-train bosses. They’re constantly on the lookout for prairie fires and stampeding buffalo — all the time they are moving the wagon train forward.

If you cannot envision something, it will never be accomplished. More drastically, prophets from the ages warn “without vision, the people perish.” Without knowing who you are and what and why you do it, you will most likely accomplish littles and improve far less.

In my book, Arrested Development, I describe the first step toward organizational transformation — envision! An effective leader needs to create and cast a vision that is shared and understood by his/her employees; a vision that stretches the organization and pursues excellence in all that they do. Without such a vision (and it should be “breathtaking,” an organization cannot improve.

So, what is the collective vision of our nation’s police function? How does that interface with your organization’s vision? And, most importantly, how does this vision affect your daily work as a police officer?

Constitutional, legally-based policing is a calling for those who do it best. They are the men and women that should be emulated and supported. This way, every police officer functions as an organizational and community leader.

VISION matters.

WHO you hire matters.

HOW you train them and lead them matters.

WHAT you want them to do and how you support them matters.

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