Why Has So Little Changed?

The aftermath of Michael Brown’s death in 2014 (and an ensuing presidential task force) was tried to raise the standard for police use of deadly force. Which now in 2020 has led to approximately 1,000 persons each year being killed by police in our nation.

Separate counts by journalists (not our government) has revealed that the number remains basically unchanged over the past six years .

How is this possible? A national outrage and the numbers remain static?

Concerned citizen groups have pressed police and struggled with their resistance. They have implored police leaders to raise the standard outlined in the USSC decision in Graham v. Connor, of “objective reasonableness” to a one that recognizes the sanctity of human life in which members of the European Union require of their police — one of “absolute necessity.” There has been few successes.

Why is it so difficult for us to acknowledge the importance of government actors to protect the sanctity of our lives and demand them to do so?

Michael Brown’s body lying in the street (2014).
George FLoyd dying in the street (2020).