Walking in the Woods and Thinking About Police

Here’s one of my “Walk in the Woods.” In it, i think about police, my years with them, and my observations since I retired. This short video has to do with justice and that slogan I learned as a young boy growing up in America — “Truth, Justice, and the American Way!” How do we make that a reality for everyone?


  1. Hi Chief, Thank you again for your wisdom. I find my frustration boiling over into my writings, trying to shine a light in this growing darkness. You have a way of reminding us of our humanity. I will take my own walk in the woods and do some meditating to refine my message. We do need a change of heart. Our culture has become wounded, and lost its way. You are so right about the aggressive cops having the loudest voice. I would add, those officers are most often the most rewarded by our police departments. Like you, I pray we have a change of heart as a nation, which is the only way to change the heart of policing as well. Take care of yourself.


  2. Reverend, the first minute of your video reminds me of myself when I was a kid growing about justice, fairness, and equality, and I wonder where did it all go wrong? We were all indoctrinated in these beliefs and; yet, many of us were told by our parents and other people how stupid and dumb we were in believing all this stuff and if we didn’t like it, we were told to leave the country.

    First of all, none of us were asks to be brought into this world, and secondly, why should we be told to leave the country when it is the other people who should be leaving?

    Our culture doesn’t tolerate, encourage, or support young people who tell older folks that what they are doing is wrong. Instead, the young kids and the older folks who do speak up are told to shut up, are told that the boss is the boss and that’s final, are fired from their jobs and they do not have the experience to determine what is right and what is wrong plus being told that kids should be seen but not heard.

    Too many bad cops occupied too many ranks and key job positions in the police departments plus they have the backing of the unions. The police unions need to change as well; otherwise, why should the people and other unions support police unions when you look at the US labor unions, police have played their role in destroying unions and not even supporting the ones that are still in existence?


    1. Gunther, I agree with most of what you say. Reform has never worked. I suggest we start again. Let the community re-imagine the police they would like to have in their neighborhoods.


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