Still Remembering Herman (especially today)

For almost 50 years, I have been able to meet or talk with Herman Goldstein on an almost daily basis. Herman was not only my mentor/advisor, bur also a close, personal friend.

Professor Herman Goldstein

Each day, since the George Floyd murder, I wake up thinking to call him and commiserate, once again, about police in America.

I think I know what he might say to me today (as he had in the past when I have whined about the state of our nation’s police), “Well, David, remember there are police, and then there are police…”

Three other of his friends and colleagues join me in remembering him in a May, 2020 publication, “Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice,” from the Oxford University Press. They have graciously permitted public access to this article.

Remembering Herman Goldstein, 1931–2020

“This, as will become clear to the reader, is no ordinary academic article. It is a collection of four, short contributions from academics and practitioners on two continents all of whom were touched by one of the greatest of policing scholars—Herman Goldstein. After an obituary from M.S., a friend and colleague of Goldstein’s for many years, N.T. and G.L. set out their personal view on his contribution to their academic careers. This is followed by a contribution from M.B., former Chief Constable of Durham, which was and is a leading proponent of Goldstein’s approach in the UK. Attention then moves to the USA where J.E. speaks from the University of Cincinnati on the influence of Goldstein’s work on his policing career and finally a US policing perspective is offered by D.C., one of Goldstein’s closest friends and a long-time collaborator, from his time as the Police Chief in Madison–Wisconsin.”


You can read the full article HERE.

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