Welcome to “Improving Police.” It’s possible and It Begins with You!

— Observations and experience of a veteran police chief from a 33-year career.

— Author of “How to Rate Your Local Police: A User’s Guide” and “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police.”

— Studying and reflecting on the nature of police in a free, diverse, and democratic society after his retirement.

— Focusing on leadership, organizational transformation, community-oriented policing, training, selection, uses of force, and control of crowds.

— Blogging here since 2011.

— 1,500+ posts on how to improve America’s police.

— Over 1,800 followers.

— 500,000 views from over 130 countries from around the world.

On Defining a “Good Cop” — They see themselves as guardians, but able to be a warrior when the situation demands. They are smart, educated, good listeners, respectful, well-trained and able see themselves as community helpers, sorting out problems, advising citizens, modeling outstanding citizen behavior. During their career, they work to continuously improve, raising their Emotional Intelligence, and always acting with fairness and equality; managers and de-escalators of conflict, controlled in uses of force.

— I am back on my feet now and available for consultation and teaching on how to improve your police and their organization. You can contact me at davidc6758@gmail.com.

The proper policing of a free and diverse society such as ours requires trust, collaboration, and accountability between police and those whom they serve.

Use the search engine (on the right column of this page) or scroll through the following pages to find a topic of interest.

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